The Evolving Use of Artificial Intelligence

Bauer Faculty Participate in Conferences on AI in the Classroom

C. T. Bauer College of Business faculty were featured speakers at two recent conferences highlighting the innovative and evolving use of generative AI and ChatGPT in higher education classrooms.

Conferences held at the University of Houston (UH) and Texas Southern University (TSU) featured technology company representatives and also faculty from the Bauer College departments of Decision & Information Sciences, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy & Taxation. All shared how they have developed novel applications using the latest technology as part of curriculum.

Professor of Practice and Executive Director of the Office of Digital Learning Emese Felvegi participated in a panel discussion focused mostly on the well-documented challenges that exist for AI use among students for whom English is a second language.

Felvegi also teaches business computer applications to Bauer undergraduates. She said that while it’s obvious most students have some knowledge of the latest AI tools (some compose email to her using it), it’s vital to convey some of its significant limitations.

“I think it’s important for students to understand that we have a new wave of technologies that can make our lives easier, and these technologies, of course, are being integrated into the workforce,” she said. “But it’s also very important to know that we need to be able to verify the validity of the information we get,” she said. “Depending on the field you’re in, depending on privacy, data security, and other considerations, this education will be ongoing,” she said.  “It’s not a one and done. We will continue to need to learn about it so we can use it with care and consideration.”

Other Bauer College faculty who participated in the conferences include Senior Professor of Practice Alan Lish, Senior Professor of Practice William Zahn and Adjunct Professor Danny Gavin, all of the Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship; Director of Accounting Program Initiatives Michael Kraten and Instructional Associate Professor Kiran Parthasarathy, of the Department of Accountancy & Taxation; and Adjunct Professor Dom Berta, of Finance.