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Bauer Doctoral Candidates Showcase Research to Members of the Community

The Doctoral Program at the C. T. Bauer College of Business hosted its annual Ph.D. Research Competition for candidates to showcase their various research topics in an open forum on the University of Houston campus.

“More than half of academic research is inspired by what other people are doing,” Associate Professor and Doctoral Programs Director Ye Hu said. “In order to think outside of the box, you have to see new things. Everyone tends to keep their blinders on but events like these allow you to view problems differently and see how new ideas are formed.”

The event gives students the opportunity to present their research in a safe space before showing off their information at conferences. Students are given the opportunity to learn about developing a poster, practice presenting their research and to foster relationships with members in their field.

“Research that is in a drawer does not impact the world,” Bauer Associate Dean of Research Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan said. “I present my research on a regular basis because it is a way to get feedback on your research. It is really important to contribute to knowledge by sharing your research for everyone else to learn.”

As part of the event, a Ph.D. Committee meets with the candidates, listened to their presentations, provides feedback and chooses winners of the event.


The winners of the competition included:
Larissa Garcia, “Espoused vs. Enacted Values: Which Matters More for Job Seekers?"
Michael Lewis, “Information Warranties – A Game Theoretic Approach to Addressing Fake News"
Natalia Abgaryan, “Leading Amidst Chaos: Unlocking Minority Leaders' Potential in Developing Economies and Conflict Zones"

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