Cultivating Connections

Students Learn About Bauer Organizations and Programs at Spring Involvement Fair

Students made connections and learned about what the C. T. Bauer College of Business has to offer at the Spring Involvement Fair.

The four-day event allowed students to meet with student organizations within Bauer College and learn about leadership initiatives and other programs outside the classroom.

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“I wanted to get to know people and see organizations that I may have missed when I was researching what organizations to join,” finance sophomore Damian Lopez said. “I also wanted to make sure to meet with some of the organizations to help with my network and put a face to the résumé because I know how competitive these organizations can be.”

Bauer student ambassadors, like finance senior Jonathan Monterosa, helped put together the event and shared the importance for other students to get involved to help with their future in Bauer.

“There are a lot of relationships and connections you can cultivate with people when you get involved,” he said. “There is a lot more than meets the eye when joining an organization. There is a lot of intellectual benefits and engagement with industry professionals that come to campus.”

Organizations highlighted at the event also have their benefits for helping students after graduation. Joining groups like the Management Information Systems Student Organization (MISSO) works to develop students professionally, socially and technically said management information systems senior and MISSO member Mason Gonzalez.

“You have to take that extra step and get involved,” he said. “When I started college, I thought I would just go to class, graduate and move on. Joining MISSO allowed me to meet people and grow so much as a person. Every event allowed me to make connections and provided a sense of community for everyone involved.”

Events like this are targeted to help students find their place and learn what may interest them in the future. Marketing senior Jessica Hernandez works with Leadership Initiatives and understands that students can feel lost or nervous trying to figure out what to do outside of the classroom.

“I think you should get involved as early as possible and begin networking while discovering what skills you bring to the table,” she said. “My first semester I was so nervous to be involved and felt like an outcast when I joined an organization, but that is not how anyone views it. Everyone is trying to better themselves, so they know you are trying to do the exact same thing. It is nerve-wracking at first but that’s what you’re here for.”

With all the nerves and unknowns about joining organizations or programs, the Involvement Fair helps to ease that transition into an organization and allow students to take full advantage of what Bauer has to offer.

“If you just sit in class and go home, you won’t be able to gain the full college experience,” marketing senior and Bauer Student Ambassador Kameron Zandi said. “You might as well be a part of something and make friends and build connections that will last a lifetime. Just go for it.”