Building New Connections

Bauer Alumni Expand Network Through Cougar Power Hour

The Bauer experience doesn’t end after graduation.

Once students graduate and become part of the 60,000-plus network of alumni from the C. T. Bauer College of Business, they can stay connected through events hosted by the Bauer College Alumni Association (BCAA), including a monthly Cougar Power Hour mixer.

“By staying connected to Bauer, alumni can leverage each other’s experiences, foster mentorship and create opportunities for individual and community growth,” Director of Bauer Alumni Relations Bria Johnson said. “Networking helps us grow our community built on commitment and excellence.”

In May, long-time alumni welcomed new Bauer graduates to the Cougar Power Hour to celebrate their alumni status.

“The amount of people I have met from all different walks of life from executives to graduates that were in my class that I never got to meet is incredible,” Angelica Bolanos (BBA ’23) said. “It is amazing to be able to connect with these people just because we went to the same college and can relate on similar experiences.”

 Connecting with established business professionals can benefit recent graduates looking to enter the workforce, like Rajvi Megha (MS GEM ‘24).

“Cougar Power Hour is a good platform to network with other alumni at Bauer,” she said. “I am searching for a new job after graduation, so this is a great place for me to get connected with alumni and exchange experiences.”

BCAA Board of Directors President Brad Bryan (BBA ‘04, MSACCY ‘04) has been an active member of the alumni network since his graduation and finds great value in each gathering.

“It’s all about engagement and meeting people,” he said. “I have connected with really close friends, made great connections and reminded myself what is important in life because of nights like these.”

“You never know what can come out of a connection with someone,” Bolanos said. “It could be at a Cougar Power Hour or any place that you meet people. From these connections, you can get a job, get someone to be your real estate agent, make a new best friend or anything else. The opportunities are endless whenever you network, and I find that invaluable.”

For more information about BCAA and upcoming Bauer alumni events, click here.

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